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A unique web site based on the Theory that all Guitarists like to Noodle and fine tune their playing skills.

Noodle is to improvise or play casuallly on a musical instrument. I am a guitar player and created this site for my fellow guitarists. Key Guitar links by Founder:


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Guitar Links you must visit on

Guitar World 50 Greatest Guitar Solo's in rock and roll

Visit a great guitar link

Visit I just acquired a Fall Limited 2009 Cocobolo model, Wow!

Visit my Luthier Walter Lay

The Guitar Noodler Top 10 Sites

1.  Mel Bay Guitar Sessions


3.  Fender

4.  Guitar World Lessons

5. Guitar

6.  Wikipedia Guitar


8.  Acoustic Guitar Magazine

9.  Music



Labor Day guitar playing days are coming soon!

Guitar Players, guitarists and guitar noodlers are all looking

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